Project 365 { March 16 – March 31 }

It has been one long day! I’m exhausted and sore and sunburned, but more on that another day. I wanted to make sure that I put this post up tonight as all year long I have put these up on the 15th and the last day of the month. Why break the schedule now? Little One made an appearance in a lot of the pictures for this round again. I can’t help it… She’s adorable!

16. A crystal in the window. This always reminds me of the woman who took care of me when I was younger while my parents were at work because when I left Wisconsin I gave her one. She would write to me and tell me that when she saw the light from the crystal in the room she’d think of me.

 17. Melting snow. It gets really ugly at the beginning of spring.

 18. Manicure night.

 19. Organizing. Kind of.

 20. Back 2 MAC haul. If you take empty packaging (six items, I think) back to MAC you get a free lipstick. They send the packaging to a company that melts down the plastic and uses it to build playgrounds.

 21. Really terrible cell phone picture, but I thought her feet were so adorable and I didn’t want to get up to find my camera and disturb her.

 22. Waiting for an opportunity to request a tummy rub.

23. Working on the blog.

24. Just hanging out. Behind the pillows. And not looking very impressed.

25. Why did you move my pillows?

26. Coffee suggestions from Dunn Brothers.

27. A gorgeous and rainy day. You know, until it snowed. That’s Minnesota in March. And April. And, last year, the beginning of May.

28. You want to rub my belly, right? Even though it looks like you may have been doing something.

29. Little One lounging. Wow, this is one terrible picture. You can see my bookshelf in the back–with the books still not put away. You can see the mess on the table in the back. I had just emptied out my coat pockets (I had to shove it in the dryer to take off the dog hair–a lint roller did absolutely nothing). I caught Little One mid-blink. But hey, this is life sometimes, right?

30. Baby shower. We threw a baby shower for my sister and a friend of hers baked a stork cake. Isn’t it adorable?

31. Intentionally blurry, I thought this showed how I felt at that particular moment. I don’t know what it is that I was feeling, but this is what I thought captured that.

That’s it for month three of Project 365. I’m a little surprised that I actually made it this far without missing a day. I’m going to go fall asleep on the couch now. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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