Project 365 { May 1 – May 15 }

May has been a speedy month. And a bit of a chilly one–not that I’m complaining. I actually really enjoy cooler weather like this, so I have been soaking it up. As I was going through my photos for the first half of the month I realized that it’s been a bit uneventful, but I’ve been reading and working a lot so I’ve been enjoying it.

1. Clearing out the nail polish. I kid you not, I took ten pictures of these bottles from a few different angles and they were all blurry. It was pretty late at night and I had the sudden desire to clean out my nail polish… so I did. This was the best picture of the bunch.

 2. These flowers actually lasted a long time.

 3. This was from the #fmsphotoaday challenge on Instagram. (I tried it out again this month.) The prompt was “Collection.”

 4. I baked some raspberry muffins with white chocolate chips.

 5. A manicure and Being Human.

 6. Waiting for a tummy rub.

 7. My tree.

 8. Another for the #fmsphotoaday challenge. The prompt for this was “Blue.”

 9. I met my neighbors puppy and she is so adorable! When she walked over to me I knew she was going to grab one of the fringes on my sweater, because Little One always does that. Later I saw Little One sniffing a specific fringe and I was wondering if it was the one the puppy had grabbed. Did she know that I said hi to another dog before I said hi to her after work that day? (Also, apparently I need to clean my lens.)

 10. Speaking of Little One, the next few photos are of her trying to communicate the same thing to me: bedtime please?

 11. Bedtime please, pt. 2.

 12. Bedtime please, pt. 3.

13. Bedtime please, pt. 4.

 14. Went out for lunch with a friend and we stopped by Starbucks after, so I had to try an Oprah Chai.

 15. I’ve been going on extra walks lately to make sure that Little One gets her daily quota of walking in.

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