Project 365 // May 16 – May 31

I have been so unmotivated to do things today, which isn’t good for the girl who likes to make massive to-do lists for the weekend. My niece and nephew
spent the night and this morning we just hung out, not doing much at
all. They had a busy week. But, since it’s the last day of the month
it’s time to share the next Project 365 update.

16. Walking through the skyway.

17. Nighttime walk with the pup.

18. My nephew’s piano recital.

19. Writing and blogging.

 20. Tummy rub please?

21. The writer did that terrible thing to me, where she put me into water and rubbed smelly stuff all over me to “clean” me.

22. Snoozing.

23. The last episode of the third season of Scandal. Sniffles.

 24. Currently reading.

25. A friend’s graduation party.

 26. Snoozing again. I need to vacuum the couch.

27. Finally found my go-to summer outfits for days off of work. This didn’t look so blurry on my camera.

28. Snoozing part three. Apparently this was my go-to picture for this round.

Back at this book again. I arrived really early before my niece and
nephew’s play so I camped out in the auditorium and watched some of the
kids practice one of their dances and read this book. The play was
amazing, as always. There was some excitement when the fire alarms went
off right before the final song. We all evacuated the building and, when
it was determined that there was no fire, we went back in and they
finished the play.

I realized that I don’t own any of her books, so I picked one up. The
guy at Barnes & Noble said that they have sold a lot of these this

Don’t mind me, just keeping a watch on my yard. So far this week I have
seen two different dogs on the loose and a fox, in addition to the
typical trespassers of squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

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