Project 365 // September 1 – September 15

Hello, everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My niece and nephew were over, so I had a lot of fun hanging out with those two. I also got quite a bit of reading done, which felt great. I haven’t been spending as much time reading as usual the last couple of weeks, so I decided it was about time that I take some of my own advice and schedule in some serious reading time.

It’s already that time of the month; the time of the month that I share photos from my Project 365 project, so here they are.

1. A book and tea to help with my cold.

 2. The prompt for the photo-a-day challenge on Instagram was stripes.

 3. My prompt for the day was button so I snapped a picture of my least favorite button.

 4. Finally downloaded InDesign.

 5. People like to feed the pigeons in Minneapolis, so they have no qualms being near people.

 6. A cup of tea before bed.

7. The prompt of the day was “Father” so I took some pictures of my dad’s robe and stole (from Senegal). He doesn’t wear these often, but every once in awhile he has to dust them off.

8. Clouds and a sunrise.

9. I took some stickers off my laptop and they left the sticker residue behind.

 10. The obligatory “tummy rub please?” shot.

11.  Sleeping beauty.

12. Posing for an Instagram photo.

 13. This was my attempt for a “we are being lazy on  Saturday,” but it didn’t turn out very well.

 14. Had my face buried in a book all day. (Not this one though.)

15. I stopped at Starbucks on my way into work this morning and picked up a large iced coffee. When I found out that they have the largest size that people always say you shouldn’t drink, I was so excited. I’ve never actually seen one before. And when people say, “You shouldn’t do something” and when I feel like they say it condescendingly (those articles often sound condescending to me) I want to do it. Just once. Now to see if I actually finish it. I’m thinking I won’t, because when they put it on the counter, my first thought was, “You are my Everest of coffee.”

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