Random Ramblings // 04

I took a break this weekend and hardly touched my computer on Saturday and Sunday. It felt so good to take a break to read and watch movies. Oh! I also watched Bates Motel, which was so good! I’m glad that I’ve had a chance to catch up before the next season so that I can watch it as it airs.

At the beginning of January I watched some planner decoration videos. (I recently discovered that’s a thing.) One lady made stickers of the TV shows that she watches so that she can put them in when her shows are on and I loved the idea, mostly because I want Stalker and Scandal stickers. I ordered some paper to make them, so I think I’ll try it out this weekend and see how it goes. 
Speaking of this weekend, I need to get busy with some artwork. I have a couple incomplete sketches that I’d like to finish. I’m playing around with a few ideas that I may or may not do something with at some point in the near future. 😉
Other than that, my main focus outside of working, writing and blogging is an adventure that a coworker and I are planning. I’m looking forward to sharing more about that soonish!
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