Room Redecoration Sneak Peak

 Back in July I told you that I was painting and redecorating my room. I also promised some pictures of the final result and I haven’t posted them yet. That’s because I don’t have any pictures yet. We painted the room in July but waited a few weeks before we got around to the closet. After that I kind of slacked off on redecorating. Finally I decided I needed to finish the project, so I’ve been working on that this week. It’s not finished yet; there’s still one more thing that I need to buy. But I should have everything put together by the end of the weekend and I plan to buy the last item soon, so I should have pictures for you before Thanksgiving. Actually, I need to have pictures for you by Thanksgiving because after that the Christmas decorations go up! (Is everyone else as excited about Christmas as me?)

As I have worked on my room I have posted pictures on Instagram. I thought I’d post them here too, as a sneak peak of what’s to come.


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