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Happy May Day!

I read about the holiday today after checking to be sure that May 1st is May Day when I wrote it in an email to someone. It’s always interesting to read the origins of holidays…or special days. Is May day considered a holiday? Do people still leave May Day baskets at neighbors doors? I remember doing that one year during Middle School. My class put together a bunch of May Day baskets and left them at the doorways of people who lived around my school. That was actually a fun outing!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been around much lately. I have been in the writing cave and that has pretty much occupied my attention. Camp NaNo was a bust in April but that’s because I was completely focused on editing and rewriting certain parts of my novel. It was all worth it though because now I have a manuscript that (so far) I am pretty pleased with. I’m reading through it one more time because by the end of the month I was working on a scene here and a scene there so I want to make sure that it still flows well before I send it off to my beta readers.

I also read a lot this month, so it’s the perfect time to answer this week’s Road Trip Wednesday post from YA Highway: What was the best book you read in April?
My favorite book of the month would have to be the first book that I read: Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys.
The novel is about Josie, the daughter of a brothel prostitute in New Orleans. Josie dreams of a life outside of New Orleans, where everyone knows who her mother is, and plans her escape. But when a mysterious death takes place, Josie is pulled into the investigation.
Filled with family drama, mystery, romance and intrigue, this was a fun book to read. I read it on a plane so I was able to sit down and read it straight through with no distractions. (I love airplane reading for that reason!) Josie is a strong, female character who knows what she wants in life and is willing to go after it. The supporting characters were just as memorable and the mystery was written in such a way that at one point or another I questioned most of the characters in the book, even my favorites. 
What was your favorite book in April?

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