RTW: Best Book in February

Is it just me, or does it feel like February just started? Seriously, where did the month go? It was only when I saw this week’s topic for Road Trip Wednesday that I realized it’s almost over.

An old picture, from the day that I discovered that Little One likes books too.

This week’s topic from YA Highway is: What’s the best book you’ve read in February?

Okay, so last month I told you that my goal for this month was to catch up on my reading and that… didn’t exactly happen. Every once in awhile I fall into a reading rut and that’s what’s happening now. I think I’m finally coming out of it though and I have plenty of books on my Kindle to read so hopefully next month I’ll finally start to catch up. Do you ever fall into a reading rut? What do you do to pull yourself out of it?

Out of the three (sad, right?) books that I read this month, the best was without a doubt NOBODY BUT US by Kristin Halbrook. This book tells the story of Will and Zoe, two teenagers with rough pasts who decide to get away from the people who mistreated them and leave their small town. The chapters alternate between Will and Zoe’s POV’s and both characters had a distinct voice. If I had to stop reading in the middle of a chapter, it was easy to remember who was narrating just by reading a  line or two. I’ll definitely be looking for more of Halbrook’s books in the future.

What did you read this month?

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    beck nicholas
    February 28, 2013 at 3:53 am

    I haven't read that one but it looks the goods.
    Have to admit it was hard to go past the 'aww' of the puppy pic.

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