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The only time I’ve ever really enjoyed summer is when I was in school and summer meant freedom and days at the lake; when my family used to make that trek “up north,” as Minnesotans like to say. But summer has never been my favorite season for a couple of reasons: 1) bugs; 2) bees (I know they fit the category of bugs, but they’re worse); and 3) heat. If I’m going to be someplace that’s hot I’d like to be someplace cool (hehe) and Minnesota doesn’t qualify.

I have long, thick hair, which makes the heat worse if I leave it down. I don’t even like to have my hair around my neck during the summer sometimes, which rules out my go-to hairstyle, a rope braid. And while ponytails are quick and easy, half of the time they give me a headache, so I tend to avoid them if possible. Here are some videos showing you how to do my favorite summer updos, so lets grab some bobby pins and watch some videos.

>> Here is an easy crown braid tutorial. I think crown braids look a little strange on me, but I always receive compliments when I wear them.

>> I’ve only done this triple rosette updo once, but I loved it.

>> I’ve done different variations of this Dutch braid with bun hairdo. I’ll do this with a Dutch braid or French braid, like with this French braid bun.

>> Before I decided to get bangs, this everyday bun with braid was one of my go-to hairstyles.

>> This updo inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s hair from the 2013 Oscars is probably the hairstyle I pull out the most if I’m not pulling out the side braid hairstyles all the time. I don’t tease my hair and I’ve adapted it to suit my own tastes (mine is less messy since I wear this to work a lot and I do two twists on each side). I love it because it’s so easy and quick!

>> I don’t have specific videos to share, but if you have long hair and are interested in braided updos/heatless ways to style your hair, I highly recommend Loepsie.

A note on bobby pins: if you have thick hair like me, you may have noticed that the bobby pins you can get at the drugstore don’t hold up well. I’d get one use out of the bobby pins and I’d have to use half of the pack for one hairstyle because they’re so flimsy. Eventually I bought a pack of Marianna brand bobby pins, which you can find at a beauty supply store like Sally’s or online (I bought mine from Amazon). You can get a box of either a half pound or a pound. The half pound box holds a couple hundred bobby pins. They are very strong and sturdy. I use less pins in each hairstyle and I haven’t had to throw many bobby pins away. The boxes are about eight to eleven dollars, but I’ve had them for a year and haven’t even made a dent in my supply. They are definitely good value for the money.

What are your favorite summer hairstyles?

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