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I had a hard time putting together products to write about for the winter edition of seasonal beauty and after thinking about it I realized that I tend to go for minimal makeup. My skin is dry, I spend so much time bundling up to prepare for the cold in the morning and after wearing such bold colors over the holidays I’m ready for something a bit more understated. So, this will be a short and sweet Seasonal Beauty post.


I already talked about my favorite neutral polishes and I wear these quite a bit during winter, but I also reach for a couple of lighter blues. Winter always makes me think of light blues and two of my favorites are Find Me An Oasis, which is a blue that leans more toward white, and Maximillian Strasse-Her, a greyish blue, both from Essie. I still wear dark shades of polish during the winter (I have black polish on as I write this), but these are the months when I start gravitating from dark polishes to lighter shades.


I always feel the need for a skin detox in January and February, so I like to lay off the foundation. I tend to stick to concealer with powder or a BB cream if I need more coverage. I haven’t needed a lot of coverage lately, so I’ve just been using a concealer under the eyes and to cover some of the redness in my cheeks. I still enjoy putting on eyeshadow, and one of my favorite combinations ever (and especially during the winter months) is Pistol, Verve and YDK from Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette. As with the blues, these are shades that scream winter to me.

And that’s it! Like I said, my winter make-up is short and sweet.

What are your must-have products for winter?

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