Hello, everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful week! I’ve been dealing with allergies AND a cold all week. It hasn’t been very fun and I spent most of my evenings sleeping after work, but finalizing these blog posts was definitely something to look forward to each day to try and take my mind off of how I felt.

And I hope you enjoyed Spring Week! Spring is one of my favorite seasons, so I had a lot of fun talking about it. Here’s a recap of the week and what each of you had to say about the different topics discussed!

I thought the best way to start the week would be to discuss things that we love about the season!

Summer said that she also loves spring showers (and drinks iced coffee year-round like me!). Some of her other favorite things about spring are being able to put away winter coats and pulling out sandals.

Sinead’s favorite things about spring are more daylight and leaves growing on trees again.

For Charlotte, hearing the swallows sing means it’s spring again.

Erica thinks that fresh air, spring showers, budding trees, iced coffee and a good book sounds like the perfect spring!

It’s always fun to switch up makeup with the change of the seasons. On Tuesday, I talked about my favorite products for spring.

Charlotte said that powder is a must during spring (and summer) to combat the oiliness that spring can bring.

I always have my nails painted and I love breaking out lighter shades for spring.

Erica said that Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is her spring fave.

Aimee and Charlotte both said that they haven’t tried Mint Candy Apple, but it’s one they’d try.

Esther said that she’s tried Essie’s Blanc and thought it was difficult to work with. I agree with that!

I associate books with seasons, so here’s what I gravitate toward in spring (along with some recommended authors!).

Chelsea and Aly also love one of my favorite spring/summer authors (Sarah Dessen) for a summer read.

Esther doesn’t associate certain books with certain seasons.

Erica is drawn to books with bright colors or pastels on the cover during spring!


Spring Week ended with a quick list of springtime activities.

Lindsay and Karen both said they’d be up for a springtime pedicure!


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