Summer 2014 Wishlist

I’ve seen Summer Bucket Lists pop up on a few blogs and I absolutely love the idea of setting goals for a season. As soon as those bucket lists started to appear on my blog feed I started to write one of my own. But I was hesitant to share it. I don’t really know what my summer is going to look like and I don’t know how much time I’ll have to accomplish some of these tasks. So instead of posting a bucket list–which I always think of as a concrete list of goals, it’s probably why I have never actually created a bucket list–I decided to post a wishlist. These are things I’d like to do this summer if I’m able. I’ll be sure to talk in more detail about what I’m able to get done.

1. Watch two movies a week.
2. Watch five movies that take place in Minnesota. (Thanks for the idea Erika!)
3. Pull out my paints and use them.
4. Pull out my pastels and use them.
5. Complete at least three Skillshare classes.
6. Spend more time playing around with my camera.
7. Dance as often as possible–at least five days a week, if not daily.
8. Stretch every day.
9. Work on some Halloween makeup looks.
10. Visit Duluth.
11. Visit Stillwater.
12. Finish my novel.
13. Start the novel that I’ve been plotting and brainstorming for a few years now.
14. Teach Little One five new tricks.
15. Bake something new every month.
16. Start studying French again.

I could keep going, but I’ll stop here for now.

What’s on your summer wishlist?

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