Sunday Rambles

I don’t know about you guys, but I thought last week sped by in the blink of an eye! Fall will be here before we know it and have I mentioned that I’m excited yet? I’ve been staring longingly at boots and I just stocked up on fall candles. By stocking up I mean that I bought the only two scents that I actually liked. I tend to go for the beach scents. 

But it’s not quite fall yet, it’s been really hot this weekend. The kind of hot that makes you want to stay in an air-conditioned house. It didn’t prevent my mom and me from taking off this morning, though. We went to the mall, which is rare for me. I’m not much of a mall person. And we went out for breakfast. At a bar.

Yep. There aren’t a lot of breakfast joints around us that aren’t chains a la Panera and Denny’s. It’s not that we have a problem with those kinds of restaurants–I love Panera–but a mother/daughter breakfast out doesn’t really scream those types of places. Not that it screams bar, either, but the restaurant that we went to had a twenty minute wait and when we were about to walk out the door to go to Panera (we were hungry!) they told us that we could get the same food in the bar, the atmosphere just wouldn’t be the same. 
And it wasn’t, but it was a lot of fun just the same. There was the group of guys sitting at a nearby table who were joking and laughing while they waited for their food, the older couple that didn’t appear to enjoy the bar setting as much as others, and the woman seated at the bar who talked to the staff like it was her morning, noon and night haunt. It was the last day for one of the waiter’s and he received a big hug from another lady at a table before she left.
After breakfast and the mall, I sat down with the pup and she actually cuddled for a little while. It’s too hot for her to sit by people… or on furniture, sometimes. And her hair isn’t even that long! It’s starting to grow out again, though. The curly tufts on top of her back are starting to curl again. It won’t be long before she’s fluffy as a cloud again! Just in time for the cool weather.

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    Pat Hatt
    August 26, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    Sounds like quite the hopping place

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