Girl’s Visit to the Sunflower Fields

Last year, in an attempt to find some adventure, my mom and I visited the sunflower fields at Treasured Haven Farms in Rush City, Minnesota. I picked out this farm because they plant eight fields and they time the planting of each field so that they will always. have a field in full bloom throughout the sunflower season. Other fields I looked at would bloom at once, so you had to make it within the 20 days that sunflowers are in full bloom.

The other perk to the way Treasured Haven plants their fields is that if you go in the middle of the sunflower viewing season, you get to see the complete life cycle of the sunflower. We were able to walk through fields that were dead, in various stages of dying, in full bloom, and in various stages of growing/blooming. It was really cool!

This year we decided to go back and invited my sister and niece to come along for our adventure. Last year we went in the morning, but this year we decided to go close to sunset. It was absolutely beautiful! Here are some photos.

At the beginning of sunflower season, we saw reports from Treasured Haven that due to the heat (it’s been so hot all summer, fall please come soon, thank you) that the fields were blooming faster than usual and they couldn’t promise a full season of sunflowers. Also, due to the drought, the sunflowers weren’t in full bloom for as long as usual.

We made it a priority to get there as soon as we could, but I had a road trip at the beginning of sunflower season, so we waited until after. I think we got there about two or three weeks into sunflower season and we had a lot of great sunflowers to view.

This year, while we did see sunflowers in different stages of bloom, it wasn’t quite as apparent as it was last year. We wondered if it was due to the unusual blooming season.

I also took the opportunity to get a new profile photo for social media now that I have red hair: allergy eyes and all. I’m so ready for summer to be over. BUT outings like this one make summer worth enduring. I just wish we had a little left of it. 😂

On our way home we saw a gorgeous sunset so we pulled over to get a photo of it.

Do you get out to see the sunflower fields during summer? What’s one of your favorite summer outings?


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