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Let's go back to our roots with goal-setting. I shared my top 3 goals to crush in the last few months of 2017. Let's kick butt and redeem this year! //

Top 3 Goals to Crush In 2017

2017… you’re going down. *cracks knuckles* Okay, so using “crush” in the title makes my goals sound a little more badass than they actually are, but…

Talking about the "in-between" and a writing update. //

August Ruminations

A few weeks ago I read a post over at The Figment about the in-between of writing.. I highly encourage you to read that post, because…

Thoughts on July: writing updates & a few creative inspiration links. //

July Ruminations

I had planned to have a productive writing month. I actually set a huge word count goal, but found that I was had trouble writing it.…