Hello, everyone! I hope all of the Americans out there had a fantastic Thanksgiving yesterday. I spent time with my parents, my sweet little puppy and the cutest, grumpiest miniature dachshund in the world. In other words, it was perfect. I like it when Thanksgiving is quiet and I can spend my day reading, writing or watching TV. When I was in college I would take the week off of work because my classes were always cancelled or we weren’t required to attend so I could stay home in my pajamas all week if I wanted.

Are any of you Black Friday shoppers? I’ve gone shopping on Black Friday on numerous occasions, but it’s not in my nature to venture out to the mall when there are going to be large crowds. I’m not one to venture out to the mall in general and whenever I do I like to go right when it opens to try and avoid any rushes. But I did head out to Petco today to pick out a new dog bed for little Wolf. It was adorable when I brought it home because as soon as I put it on the floor both dogs checked it out. Little One climbed in and Wolf started growling and dragging the bed–with Little One in it–around the floor.
Once I got her out, I put on the antlers that we got for free with the purchase. I think that picture is adorable–it’s actually the lock screen picture on my phone right now. But she has that, “Why?” look on her face and immediately after I took it she flopped onto the floor until she realized that she could shake the antlers off of her head. Wolf wouldn’t even let me go near him with the antlers but when I was able to sneak up on him and put them on he shook them off right away. They’re a little big for him, even adjusted to the smallest size.
Who’s putting up Christmas decorations right now? I started looking through them today and plan to start putting them up tomorrow, which means that I will be posting my room redecoration post either sometime tomorrow or next week. I had planned to have it up before Thanksgiving, the only problem is that I never thought about taking pictures until after it was dark out and I’d like to take the pictures when I have natural light to work with, so my plan is to take pictures tomorrow morning before I start putting up Christmas decorations.
Also, there will be a couple of changes coming to the blog soon. My plan right now is to fill you in on Sunday, so keep an eye out for that!

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