The 2014 Directive: March

This is the second time that I’ve seen The 2014 Directive on my blog schedule and been taken by surprise. I didn’t even have an idea of what I wanted to do until I realized that I’ve been debating what I wanted to do for a writing challenge this month and I could use that for this too. But more on that in a paragraph. First, let’s look back at my goal for February.

I wanted to work on a sketch and have it ready to be scanned into photoshop by the end of the month. That didn’t happen, so I’ll continue to work on that into March. I didn’t have as much weekend time as I would have liked to work on it. I knew going in that my weekend time might be limited, I just didn’t realize how limited it would be. I also started an organizational project, which should have been my directive because I kicked butt on that! 
For March, I would like to write 31,000 words of my current WIP by the end of the month. This is 1,000 words a day. This fits into my word for 2014, create, and should bring me to the end or close to it of the first draft of this novel. I’m really excited about that!
To track my progress and as part of the challenge from Write Motivation I will blog weekly to track my progress. I will do that at my writing blog. Right now I plan to post every Monday, but if another day works better I will go with that. 
If you’d like to find out more about The 2014 Directive, would like to participate or just see what everyone is up to, head on over to the link-up, which is hosted by the fantabulous Jessica over at Kate & Trudy.

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