The 2014 Directive // September

Another month, another directive. It’s crazy to think that there are only four months left to set directives for 2014. I feel like I’m kind of out of ideas of things to do each month that are different than previous months, which tells me that my September directive is probably exactly what I need.

First, let’s go over August. I wanted to write “daily pages” at least four days a week. I averaged about two days a week, so I was halfway there. I thought that setting a goal for a little over the half the week would make me more successful in achieving this goal than setting a goal to do this daily. (How many times can I say goal in one sentence?) But sometimes I think that making it a daily thing is actually more beneficial. It’s like with workout goals. I find I’m more successful when I make the decision to do something daily, rather than a few days a week. If it’s not a daily goal, I find that I tell myself, “I can do it tomorrow!” and suddenly I’m out of tomorrows for that week.

So, my goal for September is a daily goal. I feel like I need to take some time to relax every day and, since I haven’t been falling asleep quickly, I’m hoping that this will help me do so. My goal is to do at least fifteen minutes of stretching every day. Yoga counts toward this goal, but I don’t want to restrict myself to strictly yoga. Hopefully taking some time to stretch every day will help me fall asleep in bed at night, rather than on the bus in the morning.

What is your goal for September?

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