Book Review // The Scythian Trials by Elizabeth Isaacs

Note – I received a copy of this book from the publisher through TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No affiliate links were used in this post.

About The Scythian Trials

Paperback: 372 pages
Publisher: Vesuvian Books (October 23, 2018)

For thousands of years, The Scythian Society has lived on the fringe of civilization, strengthening their race while protecting humanity. The last warriors of man, they live by one credo.

Strength through Equality. Power through Knowledge.

Anya Thalestris is brightest Scythian of the 21st century. Strong, capable, ruthless, she is sure to earn a spot in The Trials, a time-honored mating ritual responsible for the evolution of her species.

But when she’s abducted, it forever changes her life. Now dealing with memory loss, crippling anxiety, and violent outbursts, the Society intervenes and sends in the infamous counselor, Ajax Nickius, psychologist and one the most brutal warriors of their kind. When he discovers their sworn enemy has planted triggers in Nya’s mind that can cause excruciating pain and even death, Jax is at a loss on how to help her heal.

It isn’t until Nya solidifies her spot in the Trials that Jax develops a plan. One that involves finding a way to eliminate her triggers while pursuing her as a mate. Unfortunately, Nya’s abduction taught her never to let someone get close, and she’s determined to find a male she can keep at bay–one that knows nothing of her past.

As the battle with the Drahzda intensifies, a new enemy immerges, one from inside the Scythian consulate walls. While the war grows grim and tragedy looms overhead; Nya must face her worst fears if she is to survive.

My Thoughts

This was a fascinating book to read. I’ll start off by saying somehow I missed the whole “mating ritual” part of the synopsis or I had forgotten about it, because that took me by surprise and I wasn’t sure how interested I was in the book once I saw that. However, I liked the idea of following a strong female character as she works through a past trauma, so I was intrigued enough to pick up the book.

What really caught my attention is the strong female empowerment and gender equality feel the book has… but it also felt like that was contradicted. In one case it was supposed to (I’m assuming) and didn’t feel out of place, but it really felt out of place with everyone else. The book was filled with thoughts and words and actions that contradicted that message…even from characters that were supposed to believe in it.

That being said, this book was so entertaining. I was totally caught up in the characters (really loved some, really hated others) and the world. I don’t think there was a moment where I lost interest and it was so hard to put down when I wanted to. It was a fun, escapist read and even though I had some issues with the plot, it was fun to read.

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About Elizabeth Isaacs

Elizabeth Isaacs is an author, teacher, and publishing professional who began her career as a national presenter for Resource Profiles, where she developed teacher seminars designed to foster creative brain stimulation. Moving into formal education, she helped at-risk students improve their writing skills as well as created and implemented a creative writing/blogging program that centered on teaching the 21st-century learner. Works stemming from this initiative were published online and seen in over 40 countries.

Elizabeth receives invitations to speak nationwide at schools and book clubs. She co-founded the popular book blog, Chirenjenzie, which reaches thousands of readers throughout the world. The writer support and reader interest group promotes and interacts with followers on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter. Elizabeth has a Masterís degree from Austin Peay State University, where she studied classical opera. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

Find out more about Elizabeth on her website, and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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