The Sunday Currently #13

My friend Sarah came over last night and we stayed up late chatting about our high school band days and planning some exciting outings for this spring, summer and fall. We decided to explore our city a bit more than we have in the past and I’m excited to learn more about Minneapolis and St. Paul. Of course, we’ll be taking cameras along, so I’ll share our adventures with you as well. After Sarah left I cleaned all of my make-up brushes, so I was up pretty late last night. I think today will be a lazy day.

READING A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd. Contrary to what you might be thinking due to some of the recent books that I have read, I actually don’t read a lot of middle grade. However, I read the query letter on her agent’s website and loved the sound of it. When it was released I picked up a physical copy of the book so that I can have it at the house for my niece the next time she spends a night.
WRITING a blog schedule. I’m trying to plan and draft posts ahead of time due to my travels at the end of the month.
LISTENING to and watching Bones. I am so behind because my DVR didn’t record the most important episode of the season so far and I finally bought the episode of this weekend. Now I can catch up.
THINKING about which book to read next. I have In the Woods by Tana French, which will definitely be up soon. Then there is Still Waters by Tami Hoag, which I also want to read soon. (I’m in the mood for mysteries and thrillers right now.) And I have a bunch of library books to start making my way through.
SMELLING one of the best smells in the world: coffee.
WISHING and hoping and praying for spring. Like Sarah said when we ran to Target yesterday, it’s bad if I’m wishing for spring, being the lover of winter that I am.
HOPING that Little One is feeling better soon. She tweaked her hip a little yesterday and is favoring it today. My mom convinced me to give her a couple of days to let it heal before I rush her into the vet. She’s walking and jumping and even stood on her hind legs, but she is favoring her hip a little and I don’t like to see her feeling that way! She’s getting lots of hugs and tummy rubs!
WEARING rings again. I’ve always been someone who likes to wear rings, but for a month or so this year I didn’t want to. They weren’t comfortable, I think because my hands were so dry from the cold.
LOVING that the Oscars are tonight! I always have a little pamper night when the Oscars are on, complete with a hair mask, a face mask and a manicure.
WANTING Friday to be here so that I can watch Catching Fire. Yes, I know. I’m a bad movie-goer/book-lover and I didn’t watch Catching Fire in theaters. It
came out around the holidays and life was busy and after that it was
really cold, so I just didn’t go to it.
NEEDING to go to bed earlier this week than I did last week. My Jawbone Up (review coming later this week) actually told me to go to bed at 11:15 one night.
CLICKING through the Mermagica website. Sarah is planning to get a tail when the weather gets warmer so we were talking about Mermagica’s new fabric that looks like actual scales. I love the look of the fabric, so I’m hoping that that they’ll expand their color range in the future because I really want a black tail.


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