The Sunday Currently // 27

Hello, everyone! It feels like I haven’t been around this place for ages and I only missed a post yesterday. I had all my posts ready to go about halfway through the week, so I just took the rest of the days off and decided not to worry about putting the finishing touches on yesterday’s post. It was a long week–a good one, but still long. I didn’t touch my computer at all yesterday and it felt fantastic!

In other news, I have a desk! I know this really isn’t exciting, but I’ve been wanting a desk for ages and with all the blogging and writing I’ve been doing lately, it’s become a necessity. Back in April I realized that if I rearranged my bedroom, I could make room for one. I started to look for a desk to buy and when I told my parents about my plans they suggested using part of a ladder desk that I had back in high school. My dad put new table legs on it and it’s ready to use. There are holes in the sides, since it was a ladder desk back in the day, but I don’t care about that at all. It’s so nice to have a desk! And I finally have a place to store my laptop.

And Little One and I have a weekend visitor. Wolf stopped by. It’s always fun to have the little guy around.

How’s your weekend?

READING Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman. For about three months I have been on the wait list for a bunch of eBooks from the library. I’ve been checking up on them and have been at different places on the wait list for each of them, but somehow in a week I fell into the number one spot for each of them and they all became available. At the same time. I don’t know how I’m going to get to them all! I think I’ll end up reading a couple at the same time.
WRITING not much at all this week. I’ll be working on getting caught up tonight.
LISTENING to The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. I just started it this morning.
THINKING about a lot lately.
SMELLING my deodorant. Apparently I’ll be talking about deodorant for two Sunday Currently’s in a row, but as I stated last time, I’ve been trying different natural deodorants and I bought the one that I’m trying now in two different scents. I absolutely love one of the scents, but the one that I used today is very woodsy. It makes me want to sneeze every time I open it up. It’s also very strong–I think–so I save this one for the weekend, because I’m worried that I’ll end up sitting next to someone on the bus who’s allergic or sensitive to scents wearing this very strong-scented woodsy deodorant on weekdays.
WISHING allergies would just go away.
HOPING to get some reading done this week. I still haven’t been drawn into anything recently. I think I’ve been too distracted.
WEARING a new eyeshadow look that my mom complimented me on.
LOVING Little One. She’s just the sweetest little ray of sunshine.
WANTING some uninterrupted writing time.
NEEDING to clean the windowsill. I just noticed how dusty it looks.
FEELING excited.
CLICKING through my Bloglovin’ feed.

What are you up to today?

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