The Sunday Currently // 29

Hello, everyone! Happy Sunday!

A couple of weeks ago you may have noticed that I made a couple of comments about having something on my mind. I was offered a new job and I accepted the position. This week will be my last at my current company. It feels very strange to talk about. I feel like it all happened very fast and I’ve been with the company that I’m currently at for almost nine years. My new job will be completely different; I’ll be moving from a position in the financial industry to a small Christian school. But I’m really excited about this change and the new adventure that it will be. As with my current job, I don’t expect to talk about my new job. I also don’t think it will change my posting schedule, as posting almost every day has become a habit for me now. I wanted to let you know about it, though, just in case I am a little more absent than usual. I think there’s definitely going to be an adjustment period where I am pretty tired during the week. 🙂

I hope that everyone who celebrates the 4th of July had a wonderful day! I went shopping and had lunch with my parents, before spending the rest of the day with YouTube videos, books and Little One.

How was your weekend?

READING Witches of East End, by Melissa de la Cruz, so that I can watch the first season on Netflix since the second season starts airing today.
WRITING blog posts, trying to get ahead.
LISTENING to Little Women on audiobook.
THINKING about the make-up tutorials that I want to do for Secret Life of Mermaids.
SMELLING Nirvana White by Elizabeth and James… again. I love this scent!
WISHING that the weather would cool off a bit. I don’t like summer.
HOPING that my last week at work will go well.
WEARING a blue and sparkly nail polish.
LOVING my friends. They’ve been awesome with this new job thing.
WANTING … I don’t know. A cup of iced tea. 
NEEDING water.
FEELING tired. (I should probably add sleep to “needing.”)
CLICKING through Bloglovin’. Maybe this week I’ll get caught up and will be able to say something different next week.

What’s happening with you?

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