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I had visions of sharing beautiful photos from my DSLR with you today, but instead I have my usual offering of iPhone photos. One of the lenses for my camera has stopped auto-focusing. It was really irritating at first, but now I’m really enjoying it. For months I’ve been telling myself to start brushing up on my photography skills and now I’m being forced to. It’s been a lot of fun to play with the manual settings.

But this weekend I haven’t done anything productive. Little One and I have been hanging out. We watched a movie and started to get caught up on Days of Our Lives. I have a friend who also watches the show so that I knew that a few storylines were wrapped and I held onto the episodes for awhile.

How was your weekend?

READING nothing right now. I’m between books.
WRITING comments. I did not do well with staying on top of those last week!
LISTENING to the Aida soundtrack and Little Women on audiobook. I discovered that there is a downside to listening to an audiobook while getting ready in the morning like I’ve been doing lately. On Friday their father came home and told his daughters how pleased he was about they handled themselves while their mother and he were away. I totally teared up and it happened right in the middle of applying mascara. Somehow I made it all work, though.
THINKING about the long text message that I want to send my friend (someone I used to work with–that’s really weird to write!). I want to talk about everything that happened on Days of Our Lives and I won’t be able to stop by her cubicle tomorrow to do it.
SMELLING spaghetti sauce.
WISHING for more hours in the day, as always.
HOPING that this week goes well.
WEARING a really messy bun that I’m going to regret putting my hair into when I try to take the hair tie out.
LOVING my sweet Little One. She’s been right by my side lately. She’s usually nearby, but she likes to spend looking out the window and will wander away from me to do so. She hasn’t been doing that as much. My coworker (former coworker, I guess) wondered if I’ve been stressed about the work change and if she’s picking up on that.
WANTING the baked doughnuts that I was thinking about baking this week and didn’t. Sigh.
NEEDING to get ready for tomorrow.
FEELING a little nervous to start my new job tomorrow.
CLICKING through Bloglovin’.

What’s happening with you?

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