The Sunday Currently // 32

Oh, Little One. I always find her in the most random places and she always looks at me like, “What? Why wouldn’t I hang out under the side table?” I am spending time with family this weekend, so this will be a short and sweet Sunday Currently post. I’ll post more on my weekend at a later date.

READING some books on my #scsbc14 reading list.
WRITING my novel. I always have my computer close by when I’m spending time with family, because I usually have some downtime to get some good novel writing in.
LISTENING to Night Circus.
THINKING about all of the work around the house that I need to start thinking about next week.
SMELLING vanilla chai soap. I don’t really think of scents as only for fall or summer (if I want to wear a tropical scent during the winter, I will), but this soap just screams fall to me and that’s all that I can think of every time I wash my hands. Now that I’m thinking about, I think there was a “Fall Scents” sign by the display that I completely ignored when I pulled this off the shelf.
WISHING for a fairly easy-going week next week.
HOPING to get ahead on preparing blog posts to make the next few weeks much easier.
WEARING my comfy African dresses.
LOVING the break from every day life that this weekend has been.
WANTING … nothing that I can think of.
NEEDING to remember to take allergy medication.
FEELING relaxed.
CLICKING nothing. I’m just spending time with my family, Little One, and some good books. I also got caught up on Bloglovin’ last week! Who thought that would never happen? I’m raising my hand over here.

What’s happening with you?

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