The Sunday Currently // 33

Well, this is going up really late tonight. I’ve been working on it throughout the day, but I’ve been doing other things as well… like a Skype chat with my sister. It was really nice to chat with her and to see little glimpses of my new nephew.

How has your Sunday been?

READING Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor for #scsbc14. Almost done!
WRITING outlines of scenes in my novel. I’m planning to start writing the scenes this week.
LISTENING to BookTube videos as I write this post. Because I need more book recommendations.
THINKING … bread. No, I want to look at cakes… but I don’t want a cake cake… I want a bread cake. <— My thought process as I looked through my favorite food blogs this week.
SMELLING the product that the stylist used in my hair when I had it trimmed today. It’s been ages since I’ve had my hair cut. I can’t even remember the last time that I went in. So I thought that my ends would be pretty bad and that she’d have to cut a few inches off. It turns out she only had to cut off an inch! But I also had her put some layers in because it’s been so hot and I would like to be able to put my hair into a ponytail if needed without getting a headache.
WISHING that the ebola outbreak will be under some sort of control soon. I’ve been following it since it started and… it’s just so hard to hear about it. I’ve been talking about it non-stop recently and reading every news article that I can find.
HOPING for another productive week. I have family coming into town soon, so I need to make everything look pretty. That bookshelf project that I’ve been talking about months? Almost done! I only have one shelf left to organize.
WEARING glasses. Allergies = dry eyes.
LOVING the posts that went up on Secret Life of Mermaids this week. Heather and I were on the same wavelength and both of us posted about the mermaid conventions that we have been to. For the rest of the week, Heather posted about found art and I wrote about bringing the beach to you. So, yeah, good week on the mermaid blog!
WANTING a break from the heat. The AC at work isn’t working well… or at all… so I’m not really liking the heat this year.
NEEDING to get a lot of work done this week.
FEELING a little more settled after my job change this summer. From the first time that I heard about the job in June I was feeling a little… unsettled isn’t the right word, but it’s what comes to mind. With all that was going on I just wasn’t in the right mindset for creativity, which is part of the reason why I’ve felt unproductive this summer. But last week I came up with a possible solution to a writing problem that I had and I thought, “I’m back!”
CLICKING through food blogs.

What’s happening with you?

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