The Sunday Currently #8

Where did you get that pen from Little One? Oh, yeah. The table. I probably shouldn’t have left it there unattended, seeing as how I know you and all.

READING My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick next.
WRITING blog posts and Wail, my current WIP.

I used to use the main characters name when talking about a WIP in the past, until I wrote a book and had the hardest time coming up with a title for it. All I wanted to do was use the character’s name, but I also wanted to stay away from doing something like that. Eventually I bounced ideas off of my dad and then bounced some of those off of a friend and I landed on the perfect title for the novel. But ever since then, I’ve used the first word that comes to mind as title until I find the perfect title for the novel, and for this one the first word was Wail. I thought I’d start using its current title here, because I think “blog posts and Wail” will be my answer for quite some time.

LISTENING to Revenge. Almost done with season two!
THINKING about a family friend who is being ordained today. It’s been in the works for a long time now!
SMELLING melting snow. It’s warmer out today and feels like spring is coming, but we’re in for more snow and cold this week.
WISHING that weekends were longer.
HOPING to get more sleep this week. I haven’t been getting enough and I’ve been tired lately so it’s something that I’m working on.
WEARING yoga pants, a lounge shirt and a sweatshirt.
LOVING the BB cream that I’ve been using lately. I love how my skin looks when I wear it.
WANTING to read. I was in a reading rut for quite some time and now all I want to do is read, but I have work to get done too.
NEEDING to take advantage of the warm weather and take Little One out to play in the snow.
FEELING Little One’s warm little body. She is stretched out on my feet right now, snoozing away.
CLICKING through DSW. I like looking at boots every once in awhile.

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