The Week // 02

Happy Friday! How was your week?

I had a busy, but great week! We had a staff lunch to celebrate the end of the school year and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a few hours. I love the moments that the staff has to hang out and chat. I also met up with my coworker from my previous workplace for coffee one morning. We’ve kept in touch through texts and emails since I left, but this is the first time that we met up and we had a blast! Two hours flew by! It was a lot of fun to have a chance to talk about my job and to hear about her new baby.

We had some lovely rainy days this week. I think that’s my favorite thing about summer: rain. On one of those days, my favorite little doxie came to visit me for an hour and Wolf did really well meeting some of the people in the building.

Other than that, it was a week of writing and working. I have a friend coming over tonight to discuss a story that I’m working on and I’m looking forward to that!


PS – This weeks posts: The Buried Giant Book Club Discussion, 2015 Goals // June, Spring Makeup Bag, and Currently // June 2015.

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