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Back in September I followed a prompt to write a letter to 16-year-old me. My mom loved it and wondered what it would be like if I wrote other posts like it. I think she had other types of posts in mind when she said that, but when I wrote that letter I thought it was a rather anticlimactic year to write about. Sixteen was just an ordinary year, but there are other years that I think back on and would probably be more interesting to write about.

A theme week recap with comments left by all of YOU! // dreams-etc.comA big thank you to everyone who stopped by the blog this week to join me on this adventure of looking back in time. I have to admit, I’m one of those who writes these letters and thinks it would be so cool if I actually could send this back in time… but then I think, “But of course I wouldn’t!” I mean, all of the TV shows and movies that involve time travel warn about giving too much information and, in doing so, changing events. And I really don’t think there’s anything in my life that I’d like to change. Sure, there have been some painful experiences that I definitely wouldn’t want to live through again, but everything has made me into the person that I am today and I wouldn’t want to change any of it.

It was so much fun to reflect on these different years, though! And I really enjoyed reading your thoughts as well. I wasn’t actually sure if anyone would respond with their own reflections, so I had another letter planned for today in case I didn’t have any comments for this post. Thankfully, there were comments! I actually have no idea what I would have written for that letter. 🙂 Here is a recap of this week’s posts with comments from some of you! Be sure to click on everyone’s name so that you can take a look at their blogs.


Right now, everything seems so big and cool and nothing seems impossible. You’re more carefree now than you will ever be again and that means that you are in such a special time of experiencing your world.”


Can I give you a big hug? I feel like you need a big hug. You’ve needed one ever since you were 9 and your world changed. If you take one thing away from this letter, let it be this: you will get through this and you’ll be happier sooner than you expect.”

From Lorey: “12 was such an important age for me as well! We moved to a new town, I started going to a private school and made a bff that was almost as weird as me on the very first day- I’m still friends with her now, in fact. So funny to see what was so important and life changing to us then. Makes putting the things that seem like that to us now into perspective, as well.”

From Claire: “I would definitely say the same about the ‘cool’ kids. And that group of boys you really want to notice you? Well years down the line you will be glad they didn’t!!”

From Shamira: “I used to always want the “cool” & “cute” boys to notice me in school, but they never did. After seeing some of my old classmates on Facebook today, I am glad they didn’t notice me haha (they are not so cute anymore).”

From Emily: “Remember to shower and yeah, all those girls that spend hours curling their hair before basketball games? It’s okay you don’t do that. And you were right, the world still loves Justin Timberlake.” Yes! A girl in my class was wearing foundation at this age and I remember thinking that was so cool and I should too, except I was too lazy to actually get up in time to put that on everyday. Now I look back on it and I’m so glad I didn’t wear foundation at that age.


You will look back on this year as being one of your favorites. If you had to go back in time and relive a year, it would be this one. You’re traveling a lot and finally finishing that book you’ve been writing for a couple of years. You are absolutely loving life.”

From Latonya: “I would inform my 19 year old self that things were about to make a swift change. The journey of beginning to know and love myself is on the horizon. No longer will I be a single individual, but soon married. There will be a lot of learning and growing. All for the good of making me better.”

From Sarah: “I would tell my 19 year old self to live up the carefree times. Enjoy your sorority sisters and college. Have fun and be less serious because these years are the ones you would willingly go back and do over. A great blessing is coming, and it will seem like a struggle, but the end result would be worth it.”

From Rachel: “I think, looking back, if I could say anything, it would be ‘Don’t stress! Just enjoy life the way it is right now without worrying so much about the future!'”

From Branson: “I would tell my 19-year-old self that not devoting my time and energy to college would be one of my biggest regrets. That while things were going to work out no matter what, choosing to take college seriously would likely be a game-changer.”


The transition that you’re in now is a strange one and you don’t know what to feel. You are really wishing that there was a guaranteed next step after graduating from college or some way that you would know things will work out since you’re feeling a little stuck. So, here are a few things to keep in mind as you deal with this quarter-life panic/crisis and move forward.”

It was so much fun to read everyone’s thoughts and see what they’d say to themselves at some of these ages. I loved how many similarities there were–like how many people mentioned that they wanted someone to notice them at 12, but now are glad that these people didn’t. It’s cool to see shared experiences like that… I wasn’t alone in feeling that way.

Thank you to everyone who reflected on their lives at each of these ages and everyone who stopped by to say that you enjoyed these posts.


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