To My Dad On Father’s Day

I usually don’t write much about Mother’s or Father’s Day, because I don’t know how to put into words just how amazing my parents are. But this year, Father’s Day has been on my heart and mind because I haven’t seen much about it. In fact, I’ve seen so little about the upcoming holiday that I actually thought it was last Sunday (isn’t it usually around the 15th?), because I haven’t seen a date advertised at all.

I’ve also been reflecting on my dad as Father’s Day approaches. I always do, but this year it’s different because ever since July of last year I’ve been working with him. My dad has always worked hard and supported a lot of people through his work, so it has been an honor to be able to work with him this year. I hope that I’ve been able to provide some of the support to him that he has given others and that I made his job a little bit easier.

Because Father’s Day has been on my heart and mind this year, I wanted to write something to acknowledge the day and to acknowledge my dad. But still, it’s hard to put into words just how amazing he is, so today I have a list.

Thank you Dad for:

// taking me on hospital calls and to chapel at nursing homes with you

// pulling me out of a burning car when I wasn’t able to unbuckle my seat belt or open the door

// taking me on birthday walks while we lived in Wisconsin

// agreeing to build a sandbox and building the box around the sand when we came home to a mountain of it

// listening to Dork of the Week every Friday to help me through a hard year after we moved (although I suspect that was as much to help you and mom through my hard year as it was for me!)

// taking me out for birthday dinners after we moved to Minnesota

// signing my confirmation certificate “Pastor Dad”

// joking around with me when I was growing up

// connecting me with people in Senegal when I wanted to go to Africa after high school

// sharing words of wisdom when I needed to hear them

// supporting my dreams–even those some might scoff at

// letting my pup sit on your lap and rest her head on your arm, even when it’s not comfortable for you–I’m sure you did the same for me when I was younger

// being a role model (along with mom) of who I want to be as I grow older

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s out there!
Tell me something about your dad.

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