Washington, D.C. { Part Three }

On our third and final day touring Washington, D.C. we only had a few hours to do some sightseeing so that we could also fit finishing our packing and flying home into our day. We decided to check out the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia. I wouldn’t recommend this museum over the one on the mall, however my niece and nephew really enjoyed it and I think it definitely fits into a niche.

I was fascinated by a display of WWII planes from all sides, as I was finishing up The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult at that time. My favorite part of the museum, though, was the Discovery, which they have on display. (All pictures were taken with my cell phone.)

They also have an observation deck, where you can go up and look out over Virginia as well as see the planes taking off and landing from Dulles airport. We weren’t there at the best time to see a lot of airplane activity, but I’m sure if there was it would have been really cool.

Between packing and walking around the museum and walking around two airports when we returned home at the end of the day, I came close to making my 10,000 step goal on Wednesday.

But by the time I was home, I wasn’t interested in finishing up the last 600 steps. I wanted to spend time with this Little One. I missed her! And judging by the fact that she wouldn’t leave my side the rest of the night, I think she was happy to have me back home.

Have you been to the National Air and Space Museum?

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