Weekday Morning Routine

One thing that I used to dislike about mornings is how stressful they were. I try to get as much rest as I can in the morning, so I used to run around trying to figure out what to wear and what I needed for the day. I didn’t have a routine for the morning, so I always felt a little discombobulated by time I left the house. I noticed a huge change in how I felt about mornings once I had a routine. Here are the four important parts of my morning routine.

Weekday mornings always start with tummy pats for Little One. Usually, I don’t have enough time to give her a decent tummy rub, but she gets a few pats to start her day. If I wake up early, she lucks out and gets an actual tummy rub. You all know they’re her favorite! Generally, she starts to wake up as soon as I start to stir, but she can sleep in so sometimes I have to wake her up first.

And then I grab a glass of water. I tend to have water by my bed the night before so that I can drink it right when I wake up. Ever since I was young, I have loved the first sips of water in the morning! They are so refreshing! I try to drink at least one glass of water before I eat or drink anything else. Sometimes I even try hot lemon water, although I’m not a fan. I should start putting lemon in my glass of water, at least.

The first thing I do in the morning is make myself presentable for the day. Hair, make-up (if I feel like it), etc. As I get ready, I listen to the Bible. I just finished my year-long Bible reading plan with YouVersion and I loved starting my day by listening to the Bible so much that I knew that I’d want to continue to listen to different YouVersion plans. Right now I’m listening to the The Story, which is a 40 day plan. After my Bible reading is done, I put on an audiobook or listen to music.

The last thing I do before I head out the door is to get dressed and grab everything that I need for the day. I have everything ready the night before: outfit and accessories chosen, bag packed, lunch ready to slip into my lunchbag. If I want to bring coffee with me for the ride to work, I have the k-cup filled (I use refillable ones) and in the travel mug I plan to use the night before as well. This means that (hopefully!) there is no scrambling in the morning. (This feels like an odd photo to use, but it’s from Sunday. Little One was invited to church, so I had all of her things ready to go the night before, too.)

Sometimes my weekday morning routine fails, but usually it makes things really smooth. If I don’t get trapped by puppy cuddles, I can be out the door twenty to thirty minutes after I wake up.


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