Happy Wednesday!

Introducing... weekly vlogs! // dreams-etc.com

It’s been awhile since I posted a video on my YouTube channel, but I’ve decided to start making videos more regularly. My plan is to have a video up at least once a week–a weekly vlog on Tuesdays–and then maybe an extra video later in the week.

Basically, I celebrated a big birthday this year. I turned 30, which is totally weird to say. Going into it, I thought I’d have a hard time with 30. I mean, you should have seen me when I turned 20. I was kind of a basket-case leading up to that birthday! But 30 has been… totally fine. It feels good, actually. Maybe I’ll talk more about that in another post.

However, I have been really contemplative this year and I think a big part of it is turning 30. And I decided that I’d like to document this new year in life… the exciting moments and the “boring” moments… in the form of a weekly vlog.

My weeks for weekly vlogging will be Sunday through Saturday. I feel like I’ve set up my Sundays to be good “starting” points for the week. That’s when I try to prepare myself for the week ahead–and if I don’t, my week is harder to get through. 🙂 Right now I’m playing catchup, so here’s a vlog from August 14 – 20. I won’t update my blog each time I upload a video, so if you want to follow along you’ll want to keep an eye on my channel or subscribe.

Also, I’m still getting the hang of this filming/editing thing, so bear with me as I learn what works best for me. My videos definitely aren’t masterpieces, but I’m going by the saying “practice makes perfect” … or hopefully better, at least. 😉

And if you have a YouTube channel, let me know! I’ve been looking for some new channels to follow.

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