Weekly Wishes #19

Happy Monday! If you haven’t heard, it’s a little chilly in Minnesota today. So chilly that even my poor puppy feels it. I had to face the cold to go into work today, but the buildings in downtown Minneapolis are connected by skyways so once you’re inside you generally don’t have to go back out to get around. It’s really nice on days like today. It was eerie on the way to work today, though. I noticed when I passed a usually busy intersection that had no activity whatsoever: no one standing at the bus stop and no other cars. Snow blew across the road. The downtown buildings looked like they were covered in fog, with only their lights and the hint of a shape visible. I think it’s supposed to start warming up tomorrow.

Today is the first weekly wishes after setting my January directives for The 2014 Directive (and the first of 2014!) so the first two goals listed below fulfill my weekly requirements in order to stay on track for the month.

I also thought I’d share a few pictures of what’s happening on the back of my bedroom door. I like to put things there that I want to look at and be reminded of every day, so dream boards, reminders of the novel that I’m working on, checklists, countdowns, quotes… those kinds of things. For some reason I didn’t do any of that in 2013. In fact, the last thing that I put up was a countdown to bringing Little One home back in 2012. I really want to fill up my door again this year so I started this weekend. So far I have “create” across the top (below a picture that my niece drew when she was younger) because that’s the word that comes to mind when I think of 2014. Create. I want 2014 to be the year that I create as much art and writing as I can. Below that I have my word count tracker (it’s supposed to be a lighthouse, which is an important part of the novel) for my current WIP. By this time next week I should have one, if not two of the 5,000 word marks filled in.

1. Workout 4x.
2. Write 7,500 words of my new WIP.
3. Finish edits on a short story.
4. Finish the inspiration board for my new WIP.
5. Put up a new dream board. It’s been a couple of years since I did one and I think it’s time to put one up again.

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