Weekly Wishes #21

Do you ever go through reading ruts? I was in one for awhile and it wasn’t for lack of interest in books. I have plenty of books that I would really like to read, I just… couldn’t read. I couldn’t focus and I felt like there was too much to do. Finally this weekend I was hit with the urge to read and now that’s all that I want to do. I put together a TBR list of all of the books that I want to read right
now and the list is huge, you guys. Huge. This list will take me to
March, at least. Better get reading!

It’s Weekly Wishes time! Last week my goals were:

1. Organize my closet/linen closet. Halfway there. I organized the closet, but not the linen closet.
2. Organize my bookshelf. I did this too, and it’s nice to have everything in its place. I also found the lotion that I usually keep in my bag. I’ve been looking for that!
3. Workout 5x. I’m able to check this one off the list too.
4. Write to 15,000 words of my new WIP. I did this one, too. Halfway through my January goal for The 2014 Directive.

This week I would like to:

1. Read two books. I think they will be My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick and Iron Lake, by William Kent Krueger. The last one takes place in Minnesota!
2. Try out my cleaning schedule. To make life a little easier, I broke cleaning down to a couple of tasks per night and want to try out my new cleaning schedule this week to see if it works.
3. Workout 4x. This is part of The 2014 Directive.
4. Write 7,500 words in my WIP. This is also part of The 2014 Directive.

What are your goals for the week?

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