Weekly Wishes #22

Last week wasn’t quite as productive as I hoped it would be. One night I was pretty tired and since I’ve been putting a lot of energy into writing and blogging my mom suggested that I take a break for the evening. And another evening I had a pretty bad headache. But I had a relaxing weekend as I hid out from the cold and I’m feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the week ahead.

Speaking of the cold, I’m so thankful for a warm house and warm clothes and a warm office. I ran across the street today and my teeth were cold. That’s right, my teeth were cold. It was like biting into really cold ice cream without the pleasure of eating ice cream.

Last week’s goals:

1. Read two books. Making sure that I get a little bit of reading time in before bed really helps with accomplishing my reading goals. I’ll be talking about one of the books that I read later this week because I LOVED it!
2. Try out my cleaning schedule. Nope. I did most of the things on it (all but vacuuming, I don’t know why because it’s so quick and easy but vacuuming is the hardest task for me to get done sometimes) but I didn’t do them on the days that I had scheduled, due to taking a little break during the week and the headache.
3. Workout 4x. Yes, I did this.
4. Write 7,500 words of my WIP. Yes, I did this too.

This week’s goals:

1. Try out my cleaning schedule. Let’s try this again. I did enough of it last week to decide that I should switch a few things around, so I’ll try out my new and improved cleaning list.
2. End the week with 30,000 words. That was my goal for the month of January.
3. Read for 30 minutes before bed. Like I said, reading for a little while before bed helped me complete my reading goal last week, so I’d like to keep it up.
4. Workout 4x. Another part of my goal for January.
5. Sort through clothes. I have some clothes that I haven’t worn for… I don’t know how long. So it’s time to go through them and get rid of them.

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