Weekly Wishes #30

I was a little surprised when I sat down to write this post and realized that this is my thirtieth Weekly Wishes post. I’ve been writing these since sometime during the summer last year and haven’t always written them on a weekly basis, but I’ve enjoyed them when I have participated. I wonder how many times I have successfully completed all of the tasks. Let’s not dwell on that, I’m sure the number favors the unsuccessful side of things.

I started working on my bookshelf this week, mostly clearing out the books that I no longer plan to keep. I dug up some old favorites as well. I was obsessed with Lurlene McDaniel books when I was younger and had a lot of them. A few years ago I got rid of most of them, but kept these. I still can’t bring myself to part with them. And I actually read one of them a year or two ago, so who knows. Maybe I’ll crack open the others again, too. I also read A Time for Dancing over and over and the wear and tear on the book is evidence of that. While I couldn’t get rid of these childhood favorites, I did pack up some books and DVDs to get rid of. I decided it was time to get rid of books that I know I won’t read again, or books that I’d rather get in another format if I do want to read them again, as is the case for the Pretty Little Liars. I have most of the series on my Kindle, so if I want to read the three that I’m sending off I might as well purchase the ebooks.

Let’s take a look at what I wanted to accomplish last week:

1. Read two books. I’m finishing up the second one right now.
2. Write 7,000 words. I got a little behind last week and didn’t write much at all. I feel much more refreshed after taking a break, though. I’ve come to the realization that I need breaks from time to time and after I take a short break I always feel inspired to write again. I will be working to get caught up this week.
3. Get through two lessons in my hand-lettering class. This didn’t happen, but that’s okay. I have a plan for the Skillshare classes that I am signed up for and still need to take.
4. Work on the final design for Minnesota Mermaids. I started this, but it’s still a work in progress.
5. Work on reorganizing my bookshelf. I’m planning to organize my books by genre and then alphabetically, so I grouped the books by genre and just need to put them into place.

This week I would like to:

1. Prepare blog posts through next week. There’s only one post that I won’t be able to put together ahead of time, but I’d like prepare the other posts because I think I have a busy weekend/week ahead.
2. Organize my closet. It’s a little bit of a mess right now.
3. Organize my linen closet. This one has been on and off and on and off my weekly wishes posts. I finally organized one shelf last week and loved it, so I need to organize the other shelves.

What are your goals for the week?

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