Weekly Wishes // 33

This is my first Weekly Wishes post in a couple of weeks and that was an intentional move. I wanted to try giving myself more time to complete the goals that I list in each post as I’ve been noticing that the goals that I set for myself each week usually take me a little bit longer than that to complete. As a result, I felt like my Weekly Wishes posts were getting a little repetitive. So I’ve decided that for the next month or two I’m going cut back on Weekly Wishes posts. Instead of writing them every week, I’ll write them every other week. I love having these posts to track my goals and check in on how I’m doing. I’m also looking forward to going through them at the end of the year to see all that I’ve accomplished, but I definitely think that cutting back on how often I write them will work better for me. So, without further ado, let’s talk about my goals for the next two weeks.

1. Read four books. This ties in with my May Directive to read eight books this month.
2. Work on tricks with Little One. I’ve noticed that when I need to work on behavior that needs to change–like barking–she responds better if I’m also teaching her new tricks. I don’t know if it makes us more in tune with each other or what, but she definitely listens better and it’s fun to see her pick up new tricks. Right now we’re working on shake.
3. Work on a makeup look. I included this once before and didn’t get very far. Basically what I’m trying to do with this is to figure out how to change a facial feature by contouring instead of using prosthetics. I feel like the change that I’m trying to make will be easy enough, all I need to do is take the time to sit down and give it a solid effort. More on that when I have more to report.
4. Try out my new workout schedule. I created a new workout schedule for myself so I’d like to give it a month to try it out and see how it works.
5. Locate supplies for a DIY that I’d like to try. Do you have any suggestions on where to find wine crates?

What are your goals for the next week? Or two?

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