Weekly Wishes // 36

The other day I went into work a little later than usual and I saw an older man in overalls and a hat walking to the lake with his fishing pole and tackle box. I used to see him every morning on my way to work before I got the job that I’m in now and he was one of the first signs of warmer weather, so it was fun to see him walking down the street.

I can’t believe we’re halfway through the month already. The warmer months go by so fast; it always seems like there’s more to do. Poor Little One has been feeling the heat, but she has her favorite places to go to stay cool.

Today is the perfect day for Weekly Wishes since yesterday we were exactly halfway through the month. It’s a great time to check in! Last Weekly Wishes I wanted to:

1. Dance for at least a half hour a day every day. I danced most days. I did take a couple of days off because my foot was bothering me (not dance-related) and I wanted to give it a chance to rest.
2. Play fetch with Little One every day. We didn’t do this every day and whenever we tried she just watched me throw the balls. I’ll have to try this again but earlier in the day to see if that makes a difference. She has been getting walks in, though.
3. Brainstorm ideas for June’s directive. Yes, now it’s time to put those ideas into action.
4. Make some more progress on my novel. I did. I’m participating in Ready. Set. Write. on my writing blog so I expect to make more progress over the summer.
5. Only five things on the to-do list each day. I’m laughing right now because I didn’t even come close to only having five things on my to-do list each day. Oh well.

For the next two weeks I would like to:

1. Play fetch with Little One earlier in the day to see if that goes better.
2. Work on my ideas for June’s directive.
3. Continue to work on my novel.
4. Get ahead on drafting blog posts. 

What are your goals for the next two weeks? 


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