Weekly Wishes // January Check-In

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It’s a long weekend for me, since the school is closed today. I realized how much I needed a break from work and… everything, basically. So I didn’t make too many plans for my weekend and took my advice from goals week to get some rest. How was your weekend?

It’s time for Weekly Wishes! Here are my updates for my January goals:

1. Work on “M” novel. My goal is to write 1,600 words a day and while I haven’t actually written 1,600 words each day (it has been a crazy busy month!), I am working on making up the days that I have missed.

2. Start my other writing project for the year. I completed the first step of this and will start the next step next week!

3. Try a new baking recipe. I’m still considering the rosemary olive oil bagels for this one.

4. Try three new cooking recipes. I tried one new recipe, now to try two more. I’m thinking of changing this yearly goal from three new cooking recipes each month to three new recipes each month (excluding baking, since that’s it’s own). As I’ve searched recipes I’ve found a ton of salad/salad dressing recipes that I’d like to try, and my plan with this goal was to try new meals. I don’t really care if I “cook” each new recipe, or if I arrange veggies on a plate and a shake up a dressing for some of them.

5. Read/listen to six books. I have read/listened to two already and I’m currently reading… three. I know, that sounds like a lot, but I found myself in a bit of a reading rut. I’ve started so many books this month, but haven’t been able to finish them, even though I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read. I realized that I was choosing books that I felt like I should read right now because of one reason or another and I think that’s why. I chose a book on a whim and am loving it, so hopefully this will break the rut!

Speaking of books, if your participating in the book club we have a couple of weeks left to finish The Lake, by Banana Yoshimoto. The discussion post will go up on February 1st. And there’s a week left to nominate a book to read for February. A voting post will go up on Sunday, the 25th.

What are your goals?

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