What I'm Loving: February

Numi Chocolate Pu-erh Tea. I saw this at the store earlier this month and I had to try it out. This has become my afternoon pick-me-up. It has a slight chocolate taste and a little bit of caffeine for a boost if I feel like I’m dragging.

Up by Jawbone. This is something that I’ve been looking at for awhile but wasn’t willing to buy because it’s a pricier item. My coworker has one and over the last few months I’ve talked to her about it and two weeks ago I finally decided to get it. Since then I have worn it every day but Sunday, when I attended a wedding and I absolutely love it! Basically, this little band tracks the steps you take throughout your day, workouts (as long as your feet hit the ground) and sleep. It will tell you your active and resting calorie burn, how many miles you walked, how long you slept and the breakdown between light and deep sleep…it just has a lot of cool information. You can even track your mood! While this isn’t a need to have item for fitness and well-being, it definitely is a nice-to-have and has made me more mindful about getting up to move throughout the day and going to bed at a decent time. I still use my Polar Heart Rate Monitor for workouts, but this is a really nice addition to my routine to encourage health and wellness in my life. I might dedicate an entire post to this soon, because it really had made me more excited about moving more and eating healthy. 

Electric Toothbrush. Have you talked to people who have electric toothbrushes and who have said, “I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner?” I have. Well, let me add my voice to the masses, I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner! This is something that I’ve thought about getting for years. Seriously, years. I’ve talked to my dentist about it countless times and I didn’t buy one until the end of January. I love it! I don’t know what to say about it other than my mouth feels cleaner than it does after brushing my teeth with a normal (boring) tooth brush. The model that I got is a little loud and it always startles Little One whenever I use it, but I don’t mind that at all.

What have you been loving this month?

Note: I purchased all of the products listed in this post.

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