What’s In My Bag // Rickshaw Bag Edition

Hello, everyone! A few months ago I did a beauty version of “What’s In My Bag” and I’ve always thought about doing a creativity version as well (although a couple of beauty items found their way into this one as well). Here are the items that I take with me when I’m on the go so that I have what I need to get some work done if I have some free time. I don’t take all of this with me all of the time, however I might have all of these with me depending on what I’m working on and what I think I might need.

I like to take a bag with a sketchbook and pencils with me, so that if the opportunity presents itself I can take some time to draw. I usually have a pack of post-its in the bag as well, because I’ve found that when I’m doing practice sketches, the size of a post-it is perfect for me. I also carry my LifePlanner, which has all of my to-do lists and my editorial calendar for my blog, so I can plan out my week and check off some tasks if I’m able. Next up is my writing notebook. I have a notebook for each novel that I work on. I outline the novel and individual scenes, so if I have some free time that I can devote to writing when I’m not by a computer I like to pull this out. I don’t like to hand write actual scenes anymore, because I felt like that wasn’t very productive since I’d spend time writing the scene and then I’d have to take the time to type it when I was home. With this notebook I plan everything out and make my time in front of the computer more productive. I also carry an idea notebook for other things: blogs, lists, etc. I always have a book with me, whether it’s an actual book or my Kindle. A few “techie” things that I carry around are a phone charger, since I am addicted to Instagram and can quickly run out of battery, and a pair of headphones, so that I can listen to music or audiobooks. I also like to carry deodorant with me. You never know when you’re going to forget to put it on before you run out the door or if you’ll need to touch up. I use natural deodorant, and out of the brands that I’ve tried this isn’t the most effective, but it’s the least irritating. It’s usually not a problem, but I like to carry it with me just in case I’ll need it later in the day. (I actually found that I needed this more at my previous job, when I went on walks through the skyway everyday.) And, of course, I like to have a body spray on hand.

What do you have in your bag?

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