When Homework is Good

Sometimes I actually love school assignments.

Like this writing assignment that’s due tomorrow in French (that I really should be working on right now). The other night, I was talking to my dad about the assignment and I learned something new about him. I love hearing stories from when my parents were young. So he and I had a nice chat over a square of dark chocolate and for once I’m actually happy about a French writing assignment.

We’ll see how I feel once I get the first draft back from my teacher.

Etta James appears to be my homework music of choice. I’ve been listening to her (and Harry Connick Jr., of course) nonstop while listening to French. And now, I should return to Etta and the half-page I have left. I’m ready to finish this draft and study for my test later this week so that I can spend more time editing my novel and working on the other writing projects I have.

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