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Let’s go back to 2020. February of 2020, to be exact. I spoke at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona and knew it would be tight to get back to my hotel to grab my bags and then get to the airport, but I decided to squeeze in a trip to Wonderspaces in Scottsdale. Instagram ads are to blame because this place called Wonderspaces popped up on my feed and I knew I had to go. And I’m so glad I did! Not only did I get the alert saying my flight was delayed as I walked through the installations, but the next month the world shut down and I continually returned to photos and videos from Wonderspaces to take my mind off of everything.

Wonderspaces Arizona is an immersive art exhibit featuring different installations–some of which are interactive. And it has become my new favorite place. They also have locations in other cities and I really hope that one day it will make its way to the Twin Cities, but for now, I still get emails from Arizona and once even considered making a trip to Arizona JUST to see one of the installations at Wonderspaces. That’s how much I loved it. (I also had the chance to visit Wonderspaces again last year when I visited Arizona with family.)

Wonderspaces is an interactive art exhibit that’s located in a mall in Scottsdale. The installations change regularly. When I was there, the theme was Elsewhere.

The first installation (which is no longer there) was a piano exhibit that made me wish my niece was with me, as she is an incredibly talented pianist.

I took a lot of photos and videos, but didn’t want to share too many. The thing about these types of art exhibits is that it’s not always the same as if you see it in person.

The second time I visited Wonderspaces I went with my niece and she said the lights involved in some of the installations gave her a headache and she later passed up an art exhibit that she thought sounded similar in terms of the use of lights when we visited New York.

By the time I finished touring the exhibit I had received my second flight delayed notice, so I stopped at the bar for a drink before heading back to the hotel to pick up my bags. I had a nice chat with the bartender. We discussed how different our experience with art is now in the age of social media. This is a topic I might return to at another time.

I absolutely fell in love with Wonderspaces and highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever near one to see if you love it, too.

And here’s a vlog from that trip, which includes a trip to Butterfly Wonderland and some time with my fave horses.

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