Workout DVD Review: Pure Spice Cinnamon

Are you ready for a dance party? That’s exactly what this workout is like.

Christi Taylor’s Pure Spice Workout: Cinnamon Edition is a cue-less dance workout, which means that there is no verbal cuing. When you get started, you need to rely on watching Taylor’s non-verbal cues and and the backup dancers in order to know what’s coming next. I guess there’s also a “move  master” feature to teach you the moves before you start the workout, but I didn’t do that. I appreciated that there weren’t any verbal cues as it allowed the music to shine through, which I thought was important for this DVD.

I absolutely love this workout because it feels like an hour-long dance party. The entire workout is filled with different songs, each one associated with a different style of dance. There’s a routine for each song and you basically dance the routine until the song is done, then move to the next style. It’s a refreshing break from spending fifteen minutes doing the same moves over and over for each style that you see on a lot of dance workout DVDs out there. Taylor also takes you through a variety of styles. There are a lot of Latin dances, but she also includes belly dance, Bollywood and American pop routines. There’s also a fun warmup and cool down to start and end the program.

Christi Taylor leads the program and has a large group of backup dancers to make the workout reminiscent of a group class that you would take at a studio or a gym. Some of the segments include a lot of jumping so it isn’t low impact, although if the impact is too much for my foot I have no problem toning it down without stopping and am still able to get a good workout.

This has become one of my go-to cardio workouts, along with Zumba, and I absolutely love it.

Have you tried a cue-less dance DVD before? I’m on the lookout for more!

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