Workout DVD Review // So You Think You Can Dance Cardio Funk

It’s been awhile since I posted one of these! I’ve actually been planning to talk about this DVD for ages, but kept pushing it back.

The So You Think You Can Dance Cardio Funk workout is one of my two go-to workout DVDs, the other being Cheryl Burke’s Disco Abs I Will Survive workout. Don’t know what to do? I pull out one of these. Don’t want to workout but know that I really have no reason not to? I pull out one of these. I love both DVDs equally, but this one has a little bit of an edge over the other due to timing. The Disco Abs workout is a straight 30 minute workout. Cardio Funk has four segments and if you do all of them once the workout will run a little over 30 minutes. So, if you have less than 30 minutes you can do a couple, but if you want to workout for over 30 minutes you can do some of the segments twice. (I often do this.) It’s totally flexible!
When you first do the DVD you can go through instructional sections where it breaks down the routines. I did this years ago so I can’t tell you exactly how long it takes, but I believe it was about an hour and a half. Once you have the routines, you can just choose the workout option for each and you’ll do the routine at different speeds. 
This DVD has hip-hop, contemporary and disco routines followed by a final cardio funk routine that combines moves from each the other three. My faves are contemporary and cardio funk.
My only complaint about the DVD is that you can’t choose which routines to do or select all of them and have it run straight through, but this DVD is also really old so maybe that’s a newer feature of exercise DVDs. This basically means that once one routine ends you have to grab the remote and select the next one. Don’t be like me and throw the remote in who knows what direction as you hop off the couch when you get started! (To keep moving, I walk in place as one section comes to an end and anther starts.)
I have a lot of fun with this one! Like I said earlier, I throw this one in when I’m feeling reluctant thinking, “I’ll do two or three segments.” I always end up doing them all and I usually do some of the segments twice. 
Do you have a go-to workout?

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